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By Adeena Blumenfeld

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Hello, and welcome to my website 💛.

Each of us knows how to be a child. Each of us knows how to be a parent. And while parenting is an instinct we all have, sometimes distractions cause us to question our natural born gifts for raising the best child we can.

I'm here to support parents committed in the journey to nurture their child's higher selves. Let me be a beacon that awakens the inner wisdom which primes you to parent consciously.

Let's raise children who won't need to recover from their childhood.
Through Conscious Parenting we can build a world of wholesome, empowered, well-adjusted individuals, because they were nurtured to be nothing less.

Conscious Parenting Consulting

The society we have been cultivating doesn’t encourage the natural ability of the children to tap into the vastness of their creative potential, quite the opposite – our children are conditioned to fit into the mould our society deems appropriate with no regards if that supports their natural state of beingness. Conditioning and programmed children who shut down their natural sensitivity, abilities, and soul gifts are the results of this traditional way of parenting – paired with the lack of having been taught better ourselves, conflicts and disharmony arise.

Conscious Parenting is about understanding the child as a unique soul with a unique mission here and supporting them in developing their soul gifts and navigate the human life as a high vibrational being.

I understand that for many parents, this is a new concept; that’s why I would like to offer my loving guidance in order to build a bridge between your child, our world, and yourself.

My guidance is gentle, compassionate, patient, and self-empowering. 

My goal is to create a safe space for you to share your concerns and receive guidance, regain trust in your own intuitive nudges so that you can self-source in the future and won’t need my help or assistance anymore after a few sessions.

Conscious Parenting

“Children came here ready for everything that is going on, just like us. The difference is; they had less time to forget.”

How I Can Support You ​

My intention is to hold space for you as a parent and assist you in opening up to your inner guidance, so after a few sessions, you don’t need me anymore. My goal is to support you in a way that you can tap into your inner guidance, and you won’t ever need my help again. I am here on earth to help people ‘not need help’, to self-source, to reconnect with their inner knowing – in a way that they can help others, but mostly help themselves and be examples for the world. I am here to support you in holding space for your children on their way to become their higher selves. My goal is to raise children that don’t need to recover from their childhood.

Children came here ready for everything that’s going on, just like us. The difference is; they had less time to forget.

Adeena Blumenfeld